Treat your brain

    7 ways to treat your brain to be smarter (2)

    Your overall intelligence is mostly established before you can even do anything about it.

    Diet as an infant, family genetics, illnesses during childhood, vaccination, preschool education and the type of punishments parents use on the kids, studies have linked these factors and other to your smartness as an adult.

    Just like you can change the diet or work hard in the gym to overcome physical genetics, you can train the brain to exceed its intellectual potential no matter your current intelligence level or age.

    You just need to put a little effort and your ability to manage or process data, visual acuity and IQ can improve along with it.

    Below are 7 effective ways to train the brain to be smarter.

    7 ways to treat your brain to be smarter (1)· Expose yourself to different vies in the world

    Your learning should not stop at school, college or job, there is nothing that can beat a curious mind.

    Therefore, you should remain curious about other languages, cultures as well as how different people do things.

    Different cultures have a positive effects on your ideas as well as how you respond to different situations.

    · Reflect on what you learn by blogging

    You get a lot of information and patterns and you can certainly put it into action.

    When you take time to reflect on everything that you have learned and share it with others, you make yourself to think deeply, synthesize the knowledge and reorganize it just like you do it when teaching others.

    Blogging is a great way of sharing what you learn.

    · Avoid sugar as much as possible

    What you eat certainly affects how you think. Eating food high in fructose for a long time will alter the ability of the brain to learn as well as remember information.

    Researchers have stated that too many sweets are bad to the brain, they impair synaptic activity and disrupts the ability to think clearly.

    Instead of taking ice cream, candy, soda and baked goods, take foods with natural sugars such as Greek yogurt and fresh fruits

    · Cut Back on TV

    According to a study that was published in 2010, the more you watch, the less you know.

    People who watch the TV more than two hours a day are likely are likely to suffer from attention disorder like ADHD due to the amount of rapid fire stimuli, the brain is usually overloaded with when watching TV.

    · Hit the gym

    Leading a more active lifestyle keeps the tissues in the brain young and active.

    Regular exercise also helps to slow or even reverse the physical decay of the brain with time.

    · Eat healthier7 ways to treat your brain to be smarter (3)

    Though the human brain grows fastest in the first three years in one’s life, healthy and clean eating is important even after the brain fully develops.

    You should eat more natural meats, fresh fruits, grains and limit intake of processed foods.

    Fish is also very important in brain development.

    It improves the flow of blood to the brain.

    Boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.

    · Quit smoking

    The use of tobacco dulls mental performance, dimming the accuracy and speed of your overall thinking ability.