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    Different Types Of Fitness Equipment


    It goes without mentioning that remaining in shape is crucial for someone’s effort to stay in the pink of health. Many of fitness enthusiasts prefer to go to the gym to work out. Probably because fitness gyms have a myriad of fitness equipment that is useful in achieving their fitness goals.

    Some individuals, on the other hand, opt to perform their workout in the comfort of their home. Of course, these individuals invest in exercise equipment because exercising is much better if you have a lot of resources. Although it is important to note that some prefer to exercise without the use of exercise equipment. If you are thinking of doing your fitness routines at home instead of going to the gym, then it is best if you familiarize yourself with some of the most used workout equipment. That said, below are some of the manual workout equipment that you might want to consider buying.



    It could not be denied that the barbell is probably the most popular fitness equipment. Barbell exercises are performed using both hands. Dumbbell exercise, on the other hand, can be performed using only one hand. Barbells are commonly used in activities such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press to name a few. Barbells are excellent fitness equipment if you are looking forward to working on your upper body. Since you are buying for your home gym, experts recommend that you buy a standard barbell instead of Olympic barbells. You also need to buy weight plates in order to maximize the use of the barbells. Weight plates weigh from 2.5 LBS up to 100 LBS.


    Hyperextension bench is ideal for those who want to see improvements in their hamstring, lower back, and glute muscles. Those who want to work on their abs might want to consider buying an abdominal bench. You can also use an abdominal bench for some weight training. Preacher bench, on the other hand, is a piece of equipment that is good for exercise that targets the biceps. When using benches, see to it that you maintain a good posture because if you do not, nothing will happen. Worst is that you will injure yourself.


    COLORED KETTLEBELLSOne of the most effective exercise equipment for a full body workout is kettlebells. The truth is that you can perform tons of exercises using kettlebells including strength training. As a matter of fact, kettlebells are a must have gym equipment regardless if it is a home gym or a commercial gym.  Kettlebells can also be used for cardio training. Another reason why you must buy a kettlebell is that it is not expensive. When using kettlebells make sure that you maintain a good posture because if you do not, you could not get the full body workout benefits.

    Stability ball

    Have you ever wondered what the purpose of these balls is? To give you an idea, a stability ball is a perfect substitute for a bench. This is because almost everything that you need to do on a bench can be cone in a stability ball. For instance, you can perform workouts like bench press using these balls. What is more? Stability balls can improve your balance given the fact that continually moves.