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    Teen Breast Reduction – Things to Consider

    woman wearing black bra

    Though it’s not common to see teen girls with large breasts, oversize teen breasts are certainly not exceptions. For Breast Augmentation and breast reduction you need a qualified plastic surgeon. Some teens may not mind the resulting attention, but a majority fancy having their breasts reduced. Teen breast reductions surgeries have their complications and requirements.

    Surgery Period

    Fitting a breast surgery into a student’s calendar can be tough. It’s recommended to opt for the surgery during April as that’s when the vacation begins. Recovery post-surgery may take ten days or a couple of weeks, and staying at home during the recovery phase can help quicken the process.

    Additional Surgeries

    Though girls can get their breast reduced during their teens, they’d probably require another surgery or two at a later date to address any additional breast growth.woman wearing white bra

    Since most teens’ breasts are still in the growth phase, the possible growth is likely to nullify the results of any breast reduction procedure with time. In other words, if you’re opting in early for a breast reduction surgery, be prepared for another surgery during your 20s.

    But let this not deter you from going under the knife early. The number of teens who have benefited from a breast reduction surgery is more compared to the unsatisfied lot. Moreover, an increase in breast size at a later point in life may not appear odd.

    Talk to Your Mom

    Your large breasts are causing personal and social barriers, and you want them reduced. That’s fine, but don’t come to conclusions all by yourself. Get your mother onboard. Talk to her openly and let her know your troubles.

    Perhaps, your notion about breast size is all in the head. Probably, your breast size is right, but your ill-fitting undergarments or dresses are making the bust look excessively prominent. You’ll learn more about your situation if you get talking to your mom or a close female friend.

    Wait for Until You’re 16

    While there are no minimum age requirements to get a breast reduction surgery, most surgeons prefer their breast reduction surgery cwoman wearing blue braandidates to be at least 16 years old.

    A portion of this deals with the maturity needed for handling the surgery and the associated downsides such as breast numbness, scarring, wound healing issues, and infection.

    Also, some doctors like to determine the rate of breast growth. For this, they may keep a patient waiting for six months or even a year to see whether the breasts have increased in size during the short period.

    Hormonal issues may cause abnormal breast growth and it’s recommended to address them first before opting for surgery. Else, the surgery results may not last for even a year.