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    Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

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    Kombucha is a type of drink made of fermented tea, sugar, and yeast. Besides having the same benefits as tea, it also has probiotic benefits.

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    A lot of studies reveal that probiotics treat depression, but research is still on to prove that this works effectively.Cancer Risk

    There is evidence suggesting that taking kombucha can help to lower the risk of cancer. Research shows that kombucha helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells and also lower their survival. This can play a role in preventing or treating different kinds of cancer.

    This is possible because of the high concentration of antioxidants and tea polyphenols found in kombucha. The polyphenols block gene mutation and growth of cancer-promoting cells.

    Infection Risk

    One of the substances produced during kombucha fermentation is acetic acid, which is full of vinegar. Like polyphenols in tea, this acid can kill most potential harmful microorganisms. Kombucha made with green or black tea can has strong antibacterial properties that help to fight bacteria. The anti-microbial effects will help in suppressing the undesirable bacteria without affecting the beneficial probiotic bacteria in kombucha. This helps to reduce the risk of infection.

    Weight Loss

    Kombucha made with green tea can aid weight loss. Studies reveal that obese people taking green tea extracts burn more calories than those who do not. Therefore, you can take kombucha made with green tea; it will have a positive effect on weight loss.

    Heart Disease

    One of the leading causes of death today is heart disease. Kombucha can improve two main makers of heart disease, which are the LDL and HDL cholesterol. More importantly, tea will protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation that is known to contribute to heart disease. If you take kombucha constantly, then you can lower the risk of heart disease.

    Most people believe that kombucha can treat most chronic health problems. This is associated with the benefits of probiotics and tea, which are contained in kombucha. However, ensure the kombucha you take is prepared properly if you choose to try homemade kombucha.

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    Food Tips To Make Junk Foods Healthier

    Having a healthy balanced diet does not mean we completely get rid of junk food, it is about eating foods that are more nutritious and still have a chance to enjoy our favorite meals.

    Junk food has always had a special place in our hearts.

    There are ways in which junk foods can be made healthier for the body.

    Here are some of the food tips to make junk foods healthier.

    Food Tips To Make Junk Foods Healthier (3)

    • Check on the calorie levels

    Junk foods sometimes have very high calories to the extent that they are unhealthy for human consumption. An entire meal should have 500 calories or less.

    Most food chains post information about the ingredients of their food on their websites. One should take advantage of this information to ensure that they are within the right limits when taking any junk food.

    Dishes which have labels such as deep fried, creamy, basted and crispy usually have high calorie content and unhealthy fats

    • Food portion

    Junk Foods 1When it comes to junk food the portion and size really matters.

    Always avoid having large portions of it in a single meal.

    Try to have smaller portions when it comes to burgers and sandwiches.

    A piece or two of fried chicken is sufficient; avoid having large portions of it. The children can always find reasonable portion on the menu and still remain healthy.

    Some control measures should be put in place if the kids insist on having junk food all the time.

    • Food joint

    Preparation of food is crucial and varies with places. It is there important that one chooses a joint where one can have a say on how they want a certain food to be prepared.

    For instance it is better for one to have their bugger from a local store where they can insist on having it with salad rather than fries.

    • Choice of food

    Junk FoodsThe choice of food that one takes can make a whole difference when it comes to health benefits.

    Taking a thin crust vegetarian pizza is healthier than having a takeaway pizza that has deep crust and contains processed meat. When it comes to cakes and baked products always try fruit salad as opposed to chocolate ice cream.

    This helps in checking the sugar content

    These food tips to make junk foods healthier can go a long way in helping the consumers of junk food to enjoy their favorite meals without having health complications or being overweight.

    Combining physical exercises with other health programs will ensure that one remains fit and healthy.

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